How to Write an effective Motivation Letter

Greetings dear users! We are here to guide you with something new today, a Letter of motivation. You might have searched many times for ‘How to Write an effective Motivation Letter’. Here we are going to teach you some easy ways. This guide will help you in writing an effective letter of motivation for scholarships. We will keep on posting these small guides for you. Wish it helps!

While writing, we suggest you keep in mind the key factors that we tell you here. We are sure if you will follow this pattern. You will understand and learn to write a good letter of motivation. Writing a motivation letter is not a hard thing. Just follow our tips and you are there!

With the passage of time, you will be confident to write it. Apart, It will increase your selection chances for scholarships. We have written some guidelines about How to write a Research Proposal. Our major goal is to make you able to live your dreams by any means.

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What is a Letter Of Motivation?

motivation lettermotivational letter, or a letter of motivation is a letter of introduction. You attach it to different documents. For Example, for a résumé or CV. The purpose of a motivational letter is to convince an HR specialist. Telling them that you are the most suitable candidate for a given position. Letter of motivation is used for job purposes also.

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Let’s begin with Learning!

Tip #1: 

Give more time to this portion of writing a letter of motivation.

  • Why is this important? Because, as time will pass by, your mind, will indirectly tell you to remove something from your letter. Also, it will give signals to write in an effective way. And, use better vocabulary.

If you intended to write a letter of motivation. So, you must be a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. student. So, You must have a good caliber of writing. all you need to do is to push your brain a little.

Tip #2: 

Secondly, DO NOT REPEAT YOUR CV.  Because many students blunder to explain their CVs again in their letters of motivation.

Hence, we recommend you not to do this. Because if you did so, the respective person will catch that you cannot explain yourself. Also, he or she will think that you are unable to justify yourself with true examples.

  • Why does he need to think that you can explain very well? This is Because if you wish to study or research under him, he would need to figure out your capabilities regarding academic writing, research, and so on.

Dig into more Tips!

Tip #3: 

Make a big note on a blank paper, and start writing these questions on it?

  1. Have you acknowledged the research interests of the professor?
  2. Did you try to link your CV with the professor’s profile?
  3. Why did you choose that specific country/university/department?
  4. Why should he choose only you out of many others applying to any specific program?
  5. Can you sacrifice your comfort zone for the position stated?
  6. If you are ready to sacrifice, then how?
  7. How will the person be benefitted, after your selection?
  8. What are you going to do after your selection?

Tip #4: 

Make your grammar, prepositions, and spelling strong! Such mistakes result in disqualification. So, spend time checking and rechecking.

We don’t say to use unique vocabulary. But, use simple English. Write all in your own words that are coming to your brain. You should not make the reader get an idea that you have used google so much.

Tip #5:

Write in a flow, considering yourself well aware of the writing styles. Use connectors in your letter. For Example, moreover, therefore, hence, however. This will aid in engaging your reader. Give a look at samples.

Lastly, never miss proofreading! Ask your seniors/teachers to proofread your letter for you. Now you will have come to know that writing a Motivation Letter is not a big deal. Happy Writing!

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