How to Write a Research Proposal A detailed Guide

Student Gateway serves its users by every means. Apart from providing the best scholarship opportunities, this platform also guides you in many other things. For example, Writing a Research Proposal, Cover letters, Motivational letters, etc. This will help you with How To write a Research Proposal? A research proposal is an important part of an application that presents and justifies the need for a research problem to be studied. Therefore, you will need to follow some guidelines. That will help to write an outstanding research proposal. We have explained a research proposal format here.

What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a brief and systematic summary of your research project. We bring out central issues and questions to address the core problem. It highlights the general information of a study within which your research resides. You gather the present-day knowledge and the recent debates going on the topic. Your research proposal demonstrates the originality of your research.

A research proposal is a very important document. It plays an important role in the submission of your application. In most International Scholarship programs, a research proposal is required. It enables you to demonstrate that you are capable of processing graduate-level research. For instance, by displaying the ability to bring out complex ideas even clearly and communicate concisely, and critically. Hence, the proposal of research results in matching your interest with a suitable supervisor.

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How to Write Your Research Proposal?

Creating a CV that stands out, making a contact with a professor, and writing the best Research Proposal have got three main parts of your application process for any scholarship.

A good and standard Research proposal is for 2,500 words. The important part to keep in your mind is that each funding bodies have different word limits.

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Use of Research Proposal and Its importance

  1. Research Proposal is used to establish if the expertise is here for the support of your area proposed for research.
  2. It participates in the application assessment.
  3. The proposal of research that you submit at the time of application submission is a starting point. Hence, when evolution to ideas occurs, research proposal changes alongside.

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Contents Of A Research Proposal

No matter if you are applying for the MS, MPhil, or Ph.D. scholarship programs, A research proposal of yours must need to possess the following ingredients. Or you can call it the basic steps of writing a good research proposal.

1. Title

An indefinite title should be given to your intended research. You can rewrite or change the title of your research. After being admitted over the time of research you can make changes to your title. The title of your research should give a clear indication of your research proposal. Besides, a clarified approach and key questions need to be indicated.

2. Abstract

The proposal ought to possess a brief statement of your proposed research of not more than one hundred (100) words. this could be a handful of sentences bringing out the matter that you simply need to look at or the central question that you simply wish to deal with.

3. Research Context

You should explain the broad background against which you will conduct your research. You should include a brief overview of the general area of study within which your proposed research falls, summarising the current state of knowledge and recent debates on the topic. This will allow you to demonstrate a familiarity with the relevant field as well as the ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

4. Research Questions

You have to map out these clearly. Give an explanation of all the problems you want to explore and express why do they need to be explored. The key point we would suggest is to bring 1 or 2 main questions considering it a priority. From these prioritized questions, you can obtain other secondary research questions. Your proposal of research should explain your approach to answering those questions: would the approach be empirical, doctrinal or theory-based, etc?

5. Research Methods/Methodology

Your proposed research ought to involve the method to make research. Hence, the procedure and method of how you will be conducting your research project must be there. The methods generally include; Visits to specific libraries, archives, fieldwork, or interviews.

Many of the researches are library-based. Just in case your research proposal is library-based, you ought to justify where your key resources (e.g. law reports, journal articles) reside. Whether they are located in the library of a law School, Westlaw, etc.

In case you intend to conduct fieldwork or collect empirical data, you ought to offer details regarding this (For example; you take interviews, Who will you interview? what number of interviews can you conduct? can there be issues of access?). This section ought to conjointly justify how you’re about to analyze your research findings.

6. Significance of Research Proposal

Originality matters in everything. Therefore, originality in your proposed research will make your intended research worth it. That is why you need to explain the reason for the importance of your research. For example, explaining all the factors on how your research will share its knowledge upon specific something. Also, the questions being raised will justify why it is important to conduct research on your proposed topic.

7. Plan of Work and Time Schedule

You must add a framework of the various stages and corresponding timelines for developing and implementing the research. As a result, it will aid in writing up your thesis.

For full-time study, your research needs to be completed not more than 3 years. With writing up completed in the 4th year of registration.

For part-time study, your research needs to be completed not more than 6 years. With writing up completed by the 8th year.

8. Bibliography

Your proposal must have a short bibliography. In order to identify the most relevant works done on your topic of interest references should be added. There should be a list of references and articles attached at the end of your research proposal. All those references must have to be relevant to your proposed research.

You can find some sample research proposals, HERE

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