IELTS Indicator Test | IELTS Test at Home

IELTS Indicator Test is New! It is the Online Test that you can take from the comfort of your home. The online IELTS Indicator Test is offered recently by British Council. You can take this Online Language Test from home easily. Now you will find no hurdle in getting straight to your education journey because of this pandemic situation. These days, most of the universities are accepting this IELTS test.

In case you are intended to apply for any institution that demands an IELTS test. Then this the best and safest choice to make. Therefore, you should simply take the IELTS indicator test and show your language skills easily at home. It does not matter if the Covid-19 situation is bothering us. We need to keep ongoing. You will get this test 1 time a week. IELTS indicator test covers all those 4 typical skills, that is; Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Your test will possess live test questions. IELTS examiners are here to score your test.

IELTS indicator test is a trustworthy testing system. It is an official IELTS product. The cost of the IELTS indicator test is 149 US dollars. This cost is low to the Person IELTS test comparatively. The IELTS Indicator test has been suspended. Most of the Universities accept Duolingo English Test Proficiency. The United States also includes. Duolingo English Test is a substitute for IELTS during this pandemic. IELTS Indicator Test has the following features.

Features of IELTS Indicator Test

Held 1 time a Week Online: The nature of the IELTS indicator is online. It is held once a week.

Covers the 4 Skills: 
This online test involves each of the IELTS skill areas: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. You will take your Speaking test by Video call. With a fully qualified and trained examiner. They will maintain IELTS focus on assessing conversational English proficiency.

An Official IELTS Product: This test matches the structure of an in-person IELTS test. It is a timed test that remains reliable, fair, and accurate. Because this online test uses standard IELTS marking procedures. Also, official IELTS examiners are going to mark it.

Within 7 days of time, your result will be emailed to you. The result for all the four skills; Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing.

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How Will the institute receive my IELTS Indicator Result?

British Council will send your IELTS Indicator results electronically to your nominated institutes. Check with the university or educational institution you are applying to first, to ensure they are accepting the IELTS Indicator scores.

Countries accepting IELTS Indicator Test

There is a list of countries that accept the IELTS Indicator Test. You will need to find out which institution accepts this Online Test by British Council. (CHECK HERE) to know about all those organizations.

Benefits of IELTS Indicator

For Test Takers

  • IELTS Indicator test will give provide an opportunity to analyze your capability in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking
  • IELTS Indicator test is an online test. But IELTS testing has been stopped in some locations.
  • It is an official IELTS product. So, it is a trustworthy test.

For Universities & Providers Of Education

  • It is an amazing method to measure the English Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking levels of your prospective students
  • The IELTS Indicator test involves official IELTS test questions.
  • Qualified IELTS examiners on the basis of IELTS official criteria mark the test.
  • This Online Test is available in certain locations for a limited time.
  • Available in locations where in-person IELTS has been suspended due to COVID.

Note: IELTS Indicator cannot be used for migration purposes.

Things You’ll need before taking test

  • Quiet and comfortable space
  • A laptop or desktop computer (you can’t take IELTS Indicator on mobile)
  • A computer that meets the recommended system requirements
  • A good internet connection
  • the capability of downloading and installing a Safe Exam Browser (SEB)
  • Headphones (for good sound quality for your Listening test)
  • Web camera
  • Downloaded Zoom application.

Timings of Test

Each section will have a specific time period. Time will strictly be controlled. You can not pause the test.

Make yourself sure about the time duration of each section. That is, Listening, Reading, and writing (2 hrs 45 mins approx). The speaking test will be taken later alone.

Prepare yourself for IELTS before this test. Use Free Preparation Resources from the British Council.

While Some of the Countries fully Cancelled and removed IELTS, GRE, TOEFL. So, Check Study Abroad Without IELTS or TOEFL.

Apply Now For IELTS Indicator Test

You can apply Online for IELTS Indicator Test. Visit the Official website of the British Council. For applying, Please Visit the Official website of the British Council.