Scholarship in Harvard University 2022 | Fully Funded

How to get a Harvard University Scholarship? Do apply for this amazing Scholarship in Harvard University 2022. In 2022, the Boustany Foundation is awarding an MBA scholarship to Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. Education Figure, Trip, Accommodation & Externship are completely financed by Harvard Boustany Foundation. The Harvard MBA is regarded as one of the best business programs in the world. Harvard American Scholarship is one of the Top loftiest Paid Scholarship in the world.

Applicants across all over the world are eligible for this Education. The Duration of this Education in USA is 2 years. Scholarship Funding is US$102,200. The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is granted formerly every two times for a 2- time course at Harvard Business School. There’s No Registration Figure Neither Any Loftiest CGPA Demand from Harvard Scholarship Program. The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is granted formerly every two times for a two time course at Harvard Business School.

Applying process Harvard MBA Program is Online. Shoot your CV with other documents to University Committee. The Scholarship will be awarded in the month of June 2022.Successful scholars are anticipated to complete a 2 Month Overdue Externship with the Foundation. Systems are varied and relate to the Foundation’s conditioning or those of its mates. Further information is given below.

Scholarship in Harvard University 2022 Details

About Boustany Foundation

This organization was formed in 2006 by Nabil Boustany and his son Fadi. Monaco and Switzerland are home to the Boustany Foundation.

Antedating the Foundation itself, the 1st Boustany Scholarship was awarded in 1997 to an MBA pupil at the University of Cambridge.

The Foundation has since awarded numerous literacy in colorful fields with plans to produce further openings in the coming times for exceptional scholars. Moment, the Boustany Foundation is laboriously engaged in promoting and managing education and aid programs.

Financial Coverage

Harvard MBA business academy will cover the following charges of the named campaigners.

  • Trip charges are completely financed from the Home country to America.
  • Accommodation is Free
  • Education Figure disclaimer
  • Overdue externship installation by Boustany Foundation.
  • US$ backing will be given towards the Tuition Fee.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Campaigners must have an excellent academic background
  • Although the Scholarship can be awarded to campaigners of any nation.
  • Campaigners may apply for the Scholarship only after entering an offer of admission from the Harvard MBA program.
  • Although the Scholarship can be awarded to campaigners of any nation, precedence will be given to campaigners of Lebanese descent.
  • Aspirants must have an Undergraduate Degree to get MBA Scholarship.
  • Still, you may be invited to an interview with the Foundation, If shortlisted.
  • One seeker will also be awarded the Scholarship.
  • Successful scholars are anticipated to complete a two-month overdue externship with the Foundation.

How To Apply for the Scholarship in Harvard University 2022

Still, please shoot a dupe of your class vitae with a snap, GMAT scores, If you wish to apply. To apply please visit Harvard University Scholarship.

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