Seoul National University Scholarship 2022| Fully Funded

The Seoul National University Scholarship 2022 is up for accepting applications from all of you. This is one of the best Scholarships for International Students. So, Make your dreams come true to study abroad Fully Funded. Hence, Study Full Time Masters/MPhil and Ph.D. as well as MS leading to a Ph.D. at the National University of Seoul. Furthermore, The SNU University is ranked 37th worldwide and 1st in South Korea. Good News for you all that this Scholarship does not ask you to take IELTS or TOEFL. Visit the list of Universities that Doesn’t require IELTS/TOEFL.

Moreover, The Seoul University offers a wide range of academic disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, economics, agriculture and life sciences, human ecology studies, public administration, public affairs, environmental studies, international studies, engineering, medical sciences, and arts. Hence, You need not miss this amazing opportunity. Because the Scholarship is open for all nationalities.

As mentioned before the university will cover all expenses. This Scholarship is a Fully Funded scholarship. Moreover, Take a look at this university’s ranking on Google and come back to reading this post. The Seoul National University is one of the best universities in the world. Also, ranked in the top 100 universities in all rankings. Below are the full details of Seoul National University Scholarship 2022.

Details About Seoul National University Scholarship 2022

  • Country: South Korea
  • University: Seoul National University
  • Course Level: Bachelors , Masters/MPhil and Ph.D. MS leading to Ph.D
  • Deadline: 10th March 2022

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Scholarship Coverage

Seoul National University Scholarship 2022 for international students will cover All the Expenses. There are 330 Scholarships available given below.

  • Full Tuition Fee Coverage
  • Coverage of Living Expenses
  • One Economy Round Trip
  • Korean Language Training Fee: For 1 Year
  • Medical Insurance, Research Fund, Thesis Printing Fees, Settlement and Returning Expenses.

Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP/GKS)

No of Scholarships: Almost 305

Silk-Road Scholarship

No of Scholarships: Almost 05

Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS)

No of Scholarships: Almost 20

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Available Fields of Study

SNU has a Graduate School along with 99 programs all across the 5 fields of study.

Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Business Administration, Agriculture, and Life Sciences, Education, Human Ecology, Public Administration, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Engineering, Medical Sciences & Arts.

Find the List of Programs in the Program Section. 

How to Contact a Professor for SNU Scholarship 2022

Funding comes down to receiving from Professors. To do this, you need to contact the Professors in the respective fields/specialties of yours. So, For that see details below.

You don’t need letters of acceptance from teachers in Korea, this is not China where you will need letters of acceptance.

If teachers agree to financially support you in the form of monthly stipends and tuition fees by replying to you in their emails, that means they will fund those students, so you don’t need to ask them for any letters of acceptance. When filling out the forms of applications of the university and keep those professors updated.

How To Contact Professors, Read Further;

  • Fill the application form of the university if any professors agree to provide coverage to your tuition fee and living expenses. In case the professors do not agree, then it better is to not apply. But if you afford the application fee, then you can take the chances.
  • Also, IELTS or TOEFL is not required. If you provide a letter from your University giving information about that the medium of study was in English (English Proficiency Certificate) Then it is a Good Opportunity for individuals with low CGPA.
  • Most importantly, If you send tons of emails to professors with bad and irrelevant CVs having no email body. You will be rejected for sure. But also you make a bad impression of your country.
  • If you do bad for others, you get bad in return. Hence, make sure to send emails after reading 05 guides also, reading profiles of professors carefully, making a good email and mentioning how you can be beneficial to his lab and with your research CV. We wish you to get a positive reply so that you may apply for the addmission then.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Citizens of Korea are not eligible (Both the applicant and his/her parents are not citizens of Korea).
  2. The applicant has gotten the same level of education.
  3. Master’s/Combined Master’s & Ph.D.: The applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  4. For Doctoral program: The applicant must have a master’s degree or higher.
  5. Language Proficiency Proof.


Required Documents

  1. Personal Statement and Plan of Study.
  2. 2 Recommendation Letters each from different recommenders.
  3. Official Certificate of Graduation and Transcript of Bachelor’s
  4. Certificate of Graduation and Transcript of Master’s (for the applicants of Ph.D. degree)
  5. 1 Copy of the Passport.
  6. Other Official Document For the indication of Nationality.
  7. Copies of Both Parents’ Passport
  8. Other Official Document For the indication of Nationality of parents.
  9. Other Official Document that would indicate Parent-child Relationship. The relationship between applicant and parents.

How to Apply

The Application Process is Online. Also, Check out the Application Guide for Detailed Information. For Further Details, Please Visit the Official Website of the Seoul National University (SNU Scholarship).  For Graduate Visit Here for Undergraduate Visit Here.


The Last Date to apply for the Seoul National University Scholarship 2022 in South Korea for Fall 2021 is 10th March 2022.

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