Study Abroad Without IELTS or TOEFL 2021

If you have plan to study abroad and you can not appear in Ielts or Toefl this is the article you are looking for. In this article you will find all the information needed and the list of Universities who accepts students without these language test. Some time these tests are headache but Duolingo is still a better option for fulfilling the universities requirement as well.
If you are looking for a scholarship it will be really hard to get a scholarship as well with No IELTS & TOEFL but if you can fund your self at the start you will easily get admission and get going.

Is it Possible to study abroad with out Ielts/Toefl? YES ! We have gathered a list of universities without Ielts in 2021.

English Proficiency Certificate is an alternate to these tests once you get this and it can verify that your previous studies were in English that is all they want . There are many different Universities all around the world that give admission without IELTS or TOEFL such as, Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Norway , Uk & many more.

Following is the list of Countries and universities who give actually admission with out these test.

Study in Australia without Ielts 2021

  1. The University of Queensland
  2. The University of Adelaide
  3. The University of New South Wales
  4. Macquarie University
  5. Bond University
  6. The University of South Australia
  7. The University of Southern Queensland
  8. Swinburne University of Technology
    These list of Universities give admission with out language tests on some terms and conditions like you have to get admission to an English program at first , you have to provide English Proficiency Certificate , or you have to provide them alternative tests like CAE , PTE etc.

Study in Canada without Ielts 2021

  1. Brock University
  2. Carleton University
  3. University of Winnipeg
  4. University of Regina
  5. Concordia University
    Canada is the best place for you to take admission in the Universities without Ielts because some of the universities does not even want English language proficiency as well.

Study in UK without Ielts 2021

  1. University of Bristol
  2. The University of Bolton
  3. London Southbank University
  4. Robert Gordon University
    These are the list of universities which can give you admission in the United Kingdom without Ielts with English Proficiency Certificate and without it as well. Some of the universities might require additional English classes for the students coming from developing countries.

Study in Germany Without Ielts 2021

Germany is considered to be called the Home of Free Education or home of education As there is no tuition fee in public universities of Germany. Some of the universities do require Ielts but most of them can easily give you admission on behalf of your English Proficiency certificate. All you have to do is to Visit Daad official website and look up for courses you want.

Study in USA without Ielts 2021

As it sounds hard that how it is possible to get admission in a University of United states without Ielts it is actually that hard. If you don’t meet the requirements at first you are rejected but following universities give you admission once you take admission in to there language program called Intensive English Language Program (IELP).

Study in Malaysia Without IELTS 2021

If you are planning to study in Asia without Ielts you have many different options but Malaysia is at the top in Asia for higher study admissions without Ielts.

There is no mandatory need of language tests in most of the universities in Malaysia to study bachelors masters or doctoral programs as well.

Study in China Without IELTS 2021

You can easily take admission in China without theses test as China is famous for its Government Scholarships almost 70-80% of these admissions and scholarships can be taken without Ielts.