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Dear users! You can easily Study in Japan without IELTS. So if you wish to study in Japan, you can easily know how to study in Japan! Furthermore, Japan is known for most of its prestigious educational universities. The country consistently ranks in the top ten in education. Thus, The largest number of Japanese scholarships for international students are offered by the Japanese government each year. Hence study in Japan with scholarship the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs without IELTS. If you plan to study in Japan, there are Japanese scholarships without IELTS.

Moreover, there are other ways to study in Japan without IELTS. Japan has some of the best universities where you can study. Also, there are Scholarship to study in Japan. Additionally, knowledge of the Japanese language is not required to study in Japan. Japan has some of the best university programs in the world. There are approximately 298,000 international students in Japan. Student Gateway will be acknowledging you different Scholarship to study in Japan.

There are three so many different ways to study in Japan without IELTS. Consequently, it is a guide for Study in Japan for international students. Thus let’s list all three ways. Additionally, we have provided a list of Japanese scholarships provided by the Japanese government and other public and private universities in Japan. Below is also a list of Japanese universities without IELTS.

Three Ways to Study in Japan without IELTS

1) Study in Japanese

If you took any Japanese Language Course, You will have to prove your Proficiency in Japanese. The test that will be Examining your Japanese language level is the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. Thus It is the simplest way to study in Japan without IELTS.

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2) No Need Of IELTS For A Native Speaker

If you proved to be a native English speaker, then you will not require to take the IELTS as English language proficiency proof. To prove this thing you will need to provide a passport copy, and in rare cases, a birth certificate of yours.

3) Previous Medium Of Education was in English

If you have done your previous degree in an institute where the medium of study was in English then you do not need to have IELTS Scores. Simply, get your English Language Proficiency from your university you studied in.

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Universities in Japan without Requirements of IELTS

Some Universities in Japan without IELTS are listed below.

  1. University of Tokyo
  2. University of Tsukuba
  3. Hiroshima University
  4. Meiji University

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Scholarships in Japan 2022

The year 2022 brings you Japanese Scholarships for Students to get Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral Degree Programs.