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What is English Proficiency Certificate and how to get one !

English Proficiency Certificate is basically an authority to a student to get admission with out any official English test report like Ielts, Toefl etc. It means that your previous studies were taught in English and you have a good command on that language.English Proficiency certificate are of different formats which can come from your university college or the institute may pre defined a template you want to apply to.

All over the world some of the highly ranked institutes offer admission to students with this certificate only rather then the test reports. Link to those institutes is as follows.

List of Scholarships without IELTS 2021-2022 | Fully Funded

How to get English Proficiency Certificate

You can get it from the focal person of your institute that may be your teacher dean HOD or some one else. They have already pre defined templates. Some of the universities have some official fee to be paid before receiving the certificate. All you have to do is to contact your teachers or administration and they will provide you the certificate.

It depends on the University you want to apply to as stated above the pre defined templates has to be singed by the authorities from your university so that they can go on with the admission process by there own method.

Sample of English Proficiency Certificate

(Department of ABC)

English Proficiency Certificate

It is certified that ABC runs a 4 year engineering degree in the field of Software Engineering. The institute works under the aegis of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).

Also Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) verifies our department.

This is to certify that medium of instruction for all the subjects covered (theory & practical) in ABC University during the 4 year of Bachelors of Sciences (B.E.) in Software Engineering is ENGLISH.

Further more , Your NAME s/o, d/o Your FATHER NAME is a graduate of this institute, passed in year 2012 has sufficient proficiency in ENGLISH. He can easily settle down in a English speaking country or English taught study programs.


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